Welcome to the 2014-2015 season of Hillcrest High School Theatre!

Theophilus North

Hillcrest’s Productions Company will finish off an epic year full of large stories and spectacle with this quiet, inventive and sincere story about human connection.  Adapted from the semi-autobiographical novel by Thornton Wilder (author of Our Town), this new play opened recently to rave reviews off-Broadway  and touched audiences of all ages.  We now bring it to you in its Utah premiere.  Through new and creative staging techniques, this production will tell a funny and heartfelt story in ways you haven’t seen yet.  Theophilus North is sure to make you hope, feel ,and appreciate life and the people around you.

Big River

Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” comes to life right before your eyes in this Tony Award-winning all-American musical.  Follow Huck, Jim, Tom Sawyer, Mary Jane and all the rest as they journey down the Mississippi River.  Their rambunctious and heartfelt story will captivate audiences of all ages.  Hillcrest’s Productions Company is ready to present all of the western music, hoe-downs, and crazy characters of Big River, while at the same time, exploring themes of brotherhood, racism, and family.  This literary masterpiece will be presented on Hillcrest’s stage for a new generation of audiences.

Emperor & Galilean

Master playwright Henrik Ibsen called Emperor & Galilean his major work, and yet because of its epic nature (over 100 characters and approximately 9 hours in length), it was never performed in his lifetime.  Hillcrest High School is now extremely proud and excited to present the American premiere of the British National Theatre’s condensed adaptation (2-and-a-half hours) as only Hillcrest can.  This sprawling and intense play will use actors and athletes from all over the school to portray the Roman empire in the 4th century as Emperor Julian attempts to overthrow Christianity and rule the world.  Full of large battles, fascinating characters, and thought-provoking moral dilemmas, this show promises to be the most epic and powerful do-not-miss event of the year.